Portrait: Krystian MadejskiI was born in family which has strong connections with art and photography. My grandpa was a professor of painting and worked for Academy of Art in Warszawa Poland. My dad is a new yorker photographer. When I was seven my dad gave me an easy to use analog medium format camera. From this time I was always connected and fascinated with photography. Today I can say passion & profesion PHOTOGRAPHER. I studied photography on Academy of Photography in Kraków Poland and BetterPhoto.com online courses and outdoors events in NYC and San Diego, US. I also took part in drawing courses. I’m specialized in art photography. My educational background is built on engineering and management. In my free time I passionately train sports for ultramarathons and endurance triathlons. My family consist of my lovely wife Jola, even more lovely daughter Julia and a small dog Klifort. I wish You all the best and thank You for reading here my short bio

Krystian Madejski

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