Krystian Madejski Photographer


Krystian Madejski

1970 year of my birthday in family with strong artistical abilities on international niveau in subjects music/painting/photography


1977 first film medium 6x6 format photo camera AMI in my hands


1980 first time in the darkroom


1997 start of using film ©Canon* DSLR cameras


2008 start of the trademark domain madejski-art.com


2008-2009 learning and certification of mastery in photography at ©betterphoto.com* online and onsite

San Diego and New York City in USA

  • William Neill award for "Best portfolio development in subject Windmills of Your Mind" USA

2010 lecturer at ©plenerfotograficzny.pl* in the topics "Infrared photography" and "How to work out IR 590 nm superenhanced color filter photography?"

2011-2013 studies at Academy of Photography in Cracow Poland

2014 Project "365 days 365 photographs" each day of the year in one photography, 12 limited edition photographs

2015 professional opening of madejski-art.com company in Sweden

  • exhibition “365 days 365 photographs” at Pauza Club in Cracow Poland
  • publication of jubileum edition photographs
  • 24Kalmar.se award for best midsummer photography
  • Östra Småland Nyheterna Ironman photography publication


2016 exhibition limited editions “365 days 365 photographs” at Nadjib Kamgar Galeri in Kalmar Sweden


2018 exhibition “365 days 365 photographs” at Kulturhuset in Oskarshamn Sweden


2019 HOPE photography, participation in the support of the charity action of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland

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